Yo, I go by the name
(I’m yo Luckso) Of grout the bard
And I just wanna let y’all know (I’m yo Luckso)
The world is about to feel
Something (I’m yo Luckso)
That they’ve never felt before, C’mon
From dungeon to dungeon, slaying dragons and flagons
I boot em and loot em, toss the swag on the back of my wagon
I’m the neighborhood Luckso. Call me spelunker,
Cause I’m a sneak into your bunker, then in town getting drunker.
Im heavy cause, got the loot from the bawse
gonna take it all back and invest it in the house.
Never took a loss, But there’s still that wizard Kent
On his quest for the staff He’s becoming quite hellbent
Tried to hire us to find it, but we were there to spy
Found the evidence we needed and we left, said no goodbye
Went to the mayor to snitch, hopefully Kent is no Lich
If we take over his keep the we gonna be rich
But we gotta wait, no word yet from the human council
That’s another month still then we go in for the kill
So we head south to the mountains, gonna kill us some more orcs
If we cant get rid of Kent yet then we gotta put in work

Grindin’! (Ah)
Grindin’! (Ah)
Grindin’! (Ah)
Grindin’! (Ah)
Grindin’! (Ah)