From time to time we are faced with why

it’s our closest friends who always make us sigh


Passerby, classmate, coworker, new friend,

try and do, show up on time; setting a new trend


The reason is plain but not easy to see

It’s a problem with them but also with me


While new friends may show up and share a good song

Best friends are those to whom you can never say ‘so long’


New friends are gone if they don’t try

But best friends are forgiven without batting an eye.


You don’t want them to just be there in the end,

instead to be *with you* and take the hand you lend.


You want them to grow, to live, and be free

And when they do, it fills you with glee.


So don’t you forget, we all do some wrong

but best friends are there to make you feel like you belong.


Tell a friend you love them. It can’t hurt!