A constructed being who finds at his core a natural morality at odds with society.

You are a ‘bad’ person. You are told by all around you that you are a jerk. Corrupted. Twisted. In need of help. You retreat into solitude, and build yourself a kingdom of solitude, a place where you can’t hurt anyone. This is what is right. [A Buddha, driven into the wilderness not by the corruption without but within.]

Meditation. How much time passes, sitting under the lemon tree? How many years seeking the inner self, searching for the sugar sweet candy core within you, for your divine light? And yet you find only sour lemony darkness. Not only this, but there is no one else in the darkness with you. WHY are you like this?

A messenger comes, trouble in your homeland. Accept your duty he says. Where is Krishna to guide me? You accept your duty, it is what is right?

A return to your motherland. So much has changed, but not the people. Ancient duties bring you here, you must fulfill them. Why do they hate you for that? Or is it your sour core?

Your creator screams out to you ‘You’re a jerk!’. Why did she make you thus? Why create the rules for you to follow, only to then admonish you? What darkness lives in your creator?