Author: Quzar

Something About Something About Friends

From time to time we are faced with why it’s our closest friends who always make us sigh   Passerby, classmate, coworker, new friend, try and do, show up on time; setting a new trend   The reason is plain but not easy to see It’s a problem with them but also with me  …

10 Roadtripping Tips

Around every 2-3 years I make sure to take a road trip of at least 4000 miles. In the past I’ve done Miami-Charlottesville (MagFest 4), Miami-Pittsburgh (School – CMU), Miami-Chicago, and most recently Miami-DC-Chicago-Homestead, MT-Denver-Grand Canyon-OKC-Miami. Through these trips, and with advice from my father (a veteran road tripper) I’ve built up some good tips…

Go live.

This page is hereby deemed alive. Below are some posts that BoxyBrown (Jorge) and I (Donald) have been working up in the past while to fill this thing up.

I’m On One

  This song is clearly about how rough it is to be an athlete outclassing your teammates and being held back by them. Drake is a veteran baseball player who has returned to his home city’s loosing team. His teammates (Rick Ross and ‘lil Wayne) perform so poorly that he is perpetually stuck on first…

Cashin Out

I listen to the song and hear the lament of someone who lived the big life during the housing bubble and is now underwater on his condo.   “Got a condo on my wrist girl, I’m cashing out Got a condo around my neck girl, I’m cashing out” He is shackled and yoked by the…

On Fabric Softner

‘Bitches love fabric softner’


Soon to be filled with a little bit of everything from the minds of myself and a few friends.